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How to Nail the “No-Makeup” Makeup Look

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Featured Image: xoxotsumi
Article By: Brigitte Evans (High Style Life)

Are you tired of seeing all those Miranda Kerr look-a-likes walking around, looking perfectly fresh and plum with no makeup? All it takes to achieve this perfect model no makeup look is to change some of your daily routines lots of patience. It might seem like you have already tried everything, but most people make a mistake of quitting before the effects even show.

Taking care of your hair, skin, nails, and teeth is very important, but most of us consider changing our regular routines only when something goes wrong. You should think about using good hair products before your hair starts falling out, or skin products before you spot that pale color, roughness, and loss of elasticity. Start by making a daily schedule to follow, calculate the time needed for your new beauty routine and try out some of these tips for best results.

1. Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Since the human body is composed mostly of water, it needs water to breathe. Hydrating and moisturizing your skin regularly means not only drinking enough water for the day but using skin care products as well. With so many moisturizers on the market, the choice comes down to personal preference. 

Even so, some skin care products can irritate your skin and provoke an allergic reaction. Thus, be careful to choose the right moisturizer for your skin type. You can experiment if you’re not keen on going to the dermatologist, but for your own sake at least, read the ingredients on the bottle before falling in love with that perfect coconut-sea-breeze scent.

2. Change Your Diet

Eating habits are an essential element of a naturally beautiful look. Loss of vitamins and minerals is often reflected in the way you look. For example, a shortage in vitamin B7 (biotin) can manifest itself in brittle hair and nails. Also, mouth ulcers, also known as canker sores, can emerge as a result of a deficiency in iron or B vitamins. Vitamin C has a vital role in our body’s immune system. A lack of vitamin C can cause bleeding gums and a painful smile. To check what vitamins you might be missing you can take the vitamin deficiency test; it gives you results based on physical symptoms you’re experiencing.

Furthermore, you can improve your vitamin intake by eating healthier foods. Cutting down on sugar and starch products can help you not only lose weight but avoid health problems such as insulin insufficiency and type II diabetes as well. There’s enough sugar and salt in natural ingredients to meet your body’s needs. A good piece of advice is to include more food rich in fiber, folic acids, and magnesium. If you change your eating habits one step at a time, it might take some time for you to notice all the changes in your appearance, but you are much more likely to stick to these changes and look fabulous for a long time. Your skin will become more plum and soft, your hair will increase in volume, and your nails will lose those awful white stains.

3. Make Hair Care A Priority

Everything is right on a good hair day. When your hair is well cared for, your appearance will consequently look more natural and nurtured. Think about using hair care products that are based on natural ingredients because heavy chemistry can be risky for already damaged hair. It’s best to treat your parched strands with an all-natural olive oil mask. For hair strengthening, there is a neat trick to cover your hair with a mayo mask for 15 minutes and rinse with cold water afterward. You can preserve hair color by avoiding shampoos that containing sulfates.

Remember that washing your hair too often can be as bad as not cleaning it for too long. Hair washing on a daily basis can be a stressful experience for your hair, causing it to fall off more than it should, lose its natural volume and dry out. How often you need to wash your hair depends on your hair type, and it’s not uncommon for people to make mistakes. Few people need to shampoo daily, mostly those with very fine hair, those who exercise a lot and sweat, or those living in very humid places.

People with curly hair and dry hair needn’t wash their hair too often because it can cause excessive dandruff. But, if you have an oily scalp and dandruff problems, this is a sign you should wash your hair more often. Also, mind that you need to find the shampoo with the optimum pH value for your scalp. A no-tear shampoo has a pH value over 7.0, while professional salon shampoos have a pH less than 5.0. Lower pH of shampoos may cause less frizzing of electricity and thus less cuticle damage and fiber breakage.

One major problem that is becoming more and more common is hair loss. Extensive hair loss can be caused by many factors, such as stress, hormonal imbalance, iron deficiency and many more. If your hair is falling off in patches, this can also be a symptom of other more severe problems, which is why you should visit a doctor as soon as you notice these changes. In less severe cases it’s best to use hair growth shampoo that’s rich in vitamin A and E, omega-6 fatty acids and linoleic acid. Medicinal oils such as argan oil, peppermint essential oil, and castor oil are ingredients you should use.

4. Keep Makeup to A Minimum

If you were to say that the model-like natural look is possible without any makeup, in most cases, you would be wrong. Almost all picture perfect “no makeup” modeling pictures have a secret. The makeup is applied but in specific ways. The trick is to conceal, not to cover, and to emphasize the most flattering parts of the face. This is why you should use a concealer a tone lighter than your skin, blush with a bronze gleam and lip balm instead of lip gloss.

Remember to keep it simple. The natural look should mostly seem, and be, effortless. No one needs to know how much effort was put into making a beautiful and above all – natural you.

5. Get Your Beauty Sleep 

Sticking to an 8-hour sleeping schedule not only benefits your health but your looks, as well. Even though the recommended sleep time is known to be 8 hours, research from Fitbit shows that the average sleeper naps only for 6 hours and 38 minutes. During sleep, your body removes dead blood cells and clears the pathways so that new cells can emerge. Lack of sleep causes a drop in pH levels of your skin (meaning it’s not able to produce moisture it needs), which leads to a dehydrated complexion, redness, and breakouts.

Before going to sleep, it’s also important to remove all your makeup. Sleeping with makeup on prevents your skin from breathing and recovering correctly, causing a premature occurrence of unwanted wrinkles or stretches.

Have you nailed the “no makeup” makeup look yet? Comment Down Below!


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