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17 Acts of Self Care to Try This Weekend For a Clear Head

Featured Image: @jenniecortiphoto
Article By: Jonnie Davis 

We all face stressful weeks packed with challenging tasks and endless errands whether it was the presentation at work or the unexpected phone call that has you stressed out and on edge it is crucial to take time for yourself.  We often put unnecessary pressure on ourselves that can leave us feeling drained and burnt out. Although it is very reasonable to want to accomplish all the task you set out for yourself, many of us tend to neglect our mental health during the process and forget to take care of ourselves. No matter how busy we get, it is essential to make our physical and mental health a priority. 

When we forget to take care of ourselves, we often find ourselves exhausted, irritable, and it becomes hard for us to be there for the people we love.  Practicing self-care is just important if not more than accomplishing any task on your list. Here are 17 acts of self-care you can try this weekend to get you feeling refreshed and ready for the coming week.

1. Spend Time With Animals

Pets supply a considerable amount of stress relief if you do not have a pet of your own try asking a friend to spend the day with their dog. If this is not an option, you can also visit your local animal shelter or the humane society to spend the day volunteering and playing with some puppies to increase your happiness levels and indulge in some much-needed self-care.

2. Take Yourself Out For Coffee 

Gather up your belongings and head to your favorite coffee shop. Bring a book or journal to give yourself something to do, and make sure you silent your phone so you can truly take the time to relax, recharge and focus on you.


3. Unplug and Disconnect From Your Phone For The Day

Social media can be utterly distracting, and we can spend way too much time on these platforms. It can be hard not to compare yourself to everyone on your Instagram feed in order to banish this feeling silence your phone and let yourself experience some peace of mind.

4. Get Some Rest And Take A Nap

For you to be productive and confident at work or in your personal life, your mind needs its rest. Letting your mind rest is an act of self-care, and although you may feel like you should be doing other productive activities, you shouldn’t feel guilty about taking a short (or long) nap. After a long week of working hard, taking a nap is what you deserve!

5. Cook and Eat A Healthy Meal

We are what we eat. When we are hungry and fill up on junk food, our mood can be negatively impacted by a sugar crash. Making healthy food choices will help both your body and mind to feel better. A simple task such as eating can easily slip our minds when we are busy adulting and rushing around. Take some time out of your day to cook a balanced and healthy meal with fresh ingredients. You’ll thank yourself on Monday morning.


6. Practice Yoga

Practicing yoga is good for the mind, body, and spirit. Just like with another exercise, it will improve your mood. However, yoga offers the added benefit of centering your mind. Taking time to incorporate yoga into your weekend routine may keep you from having a bad day.

I highly recommend you check out the Brilliant Yoga Ebook if you are a beginner looking to incorporate yoga into your daily life. Brilliant yoga is a weight loss and well-being success system, developed by a team of yoga teachers to help you feel better without modern medicine. This is the course that helped me with ridding of my lower back pain and find the one exercise that I can look forward to. Click HERE to learn more about the Brilliant Yoga program.

7. Listen to A Motivational Podcast Episode or Read A Book

With the countless number of podcast out there to pick from, you are very likely to find one you love. Tuning in to a motivational podcast is a great way to practice self-care and can help you to stay encouraged in your own life by hearing the inspiring stories of others.

I love listening to self-help books on Audible when I have some time alone to focus on me. Audible has the world’s largest selection of audiobooks, with over 425,000 audiobooks available you are sure to find a perfect listen for you. You can try audible for free for 30 days, and if you click HERE, you will get two FREE audiobooks on us. This is the product that helped me to make more time for reading in my daily alone time. 

8. Express Gratitude

Taking the time to focus on what you are grateful for is a beautiful way to improve your attitude. Make a list of things you are thankful for, write a note to someone to tell them you are grateful for them or say a prayer of thanksgiving. Practicing gratitude takes your focus off of what is wrong and refocuses on what is right.

9. Be Mindful of  The Present Moment

A powerful way to reduce stress is to focus on the present moment, and not to dwell on the unknown future. Remind yourself to stay focused on the current moment in order to cultivate a positive mindset. Trust the timing of your life and know that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. 

10. Call A Loved One

The world of social media and texting can be lonely. Take the time to call or visit a friend. Talk to someone who loves you and values your relationship. A positive human connection can add value to your day and improve your mood.

11. Try A New Exercise

Get out and get moving with a new fun exercise you’ve always wanted to try. Sign up for a pilates class you been scared to try to challenge yourself. Exercise is a great way to improve your mood and get your day back on track. Take a run, go for a bike ride, or even take a brisk walk. A study in the Journal of Cognition and Emotion found that only 30 minutes of exercise can positively impact your mood. 

12. Accomplish A Task

Take the time to check a task off your list. Send thank you cards, take your clothes to the cleaners, or pick up the dog’s poop from the yard. Finishing a task can give you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. 

13. Get Outside

Fresh air and sunshine can significantly improve your mood. Sunlight naturally boosts serotonin levels which work to improve your mood. Taking the time to get outside can reset your entire day. Smell the flowers, go for a walk, and refresh your attitude.

14. Make A List of Things You Like About Yourself

Remind yourself of the fantastic things that make you who you are by jotting down a list of your best qualities. This activity helps you to take the time to be thankful for your self and all the little special things that make you: you, after all, you are the most important person in your life. 

15. Explore Your City by Yourself

It is a great thing to spend time alone, and what better way to do that than by falling in love with your city. Visit your favorite park or splurge at your favorite local boutique. This activity gives you the opportunity to get to know yourself better.

16. Have an At-home Spa Experience

Instead of shelling out some major cash by going to the spa, create your own spa experience at home. Spend the day pampering yourself at home with no shame attached. Run a warm bath, paint your nails, light some candles, turn up the music, and take some time to close your eyes and relax. 

17. Be Generous — Compliment A Stranger

According to a study, “Pursuing Happiness: The Architecture of Sustainable Change,” doing good deeds increase happiness. Take the time to do an act of kindness such as complimenting a stranger. You can take it a step further by buying coffee for an unsuspecting customer or cutting your elderly neighbor’s grass. 


What are your favorite ways to practice self-care? Comment Below!


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