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17 Healthy Lunches You Can Meal Prep For The Week

Posted on 1 1 m read
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Featured Image: 40aprons
Article By: Jonnie Davis

When you plan you set yourself up for success; whether it’s meals, trips, or events, it is always a good idea to prepare beforehand. Meal planning allows you to save money, have nutritious, well-balanced meals, and save time in the kitchen. Here are 17 healthy lunches you can meal prep for the week and take to work with you!

1. Falafel with Cauliflower and Carrots Salad

2. Chicken & Hummus Plate

3. Crispy Baked Falafel

4. Chopped Thai Chicken Salad with Skinny Peanut Dressing

5. Mix & Match Veggie Quesadillas

6. Mexican Quinoa Chicken Salad Lunch Bowls

7. Paleo Burrito Bowl with Cauliflower Rice

8. Healthy Chicken Pasta 

9. BBQ Chicken Sweet Potato Pizza

10. Spinach Hummus Lunch Wraps

11. Greek Bowls

12. Paleo Chicken and Broccoli

13. Banh Mi Bowls with Lemongrass Chicken

17 Healthy Lunches You Can Meal Prep For The Week

Source: Pinch of Yum

14. Greek Salad Stuffed Pita

15. Sweet Potato Taco Bowl

16. Pumpkin Tortilla Soup

17. Spicy Salmon Tacos with Avocado Lime Dressing

What is your favorite meal prep recipe? Comment Below!

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1 Comment
  • Samantha | My Kitchen Love
    August 12, 2018

    So many inspiring recipes for a delicious and healthy week of meals! Thanks for including my Sweet Potato Bowl.

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