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4 Secrets For Succeeding At a New Job

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Featured Image: Millennielle
Article By: Annette Valentine

Congratulation on your new job! You are full of excitement and energy after just receiving a phone call from your new boss. You got the job, excellent. Your first day on the job is fast approaching, and you are starting to feel a bit anxious, which is entirely reasonable when starting a new job. I will share with you four secrets for succeeding at a new job.

1. Introducing Yourself, Constantly

Day one has arrived, and you are introducing yourself constantly. Try your best to remember as many names as you possibly can, which might be only two names. Don’t beat yourself up over it. If you remember something you said in the job interview, that you are looking forward to working on, you can add that when being introduced.

During your first months, you are most likely not going to have any work-life balance. Be prepared to take the time needed, to get familiar with the office, the rules, and do your best to make a new friend. You may already have met that person while being introduced.

You may want to hide a bit but make sure to be social with all colleagues you meet on your way. If there are drinks on a Friday after work, make sure you attend the first few times. An hour spent with your new colleagues is the best investment you can make as you get to know your colleagues in a more relaxed environment.

2. Information Overload, Keep Going

The learning curve during your transition from starting the job till you entirely fit in and feel comfortable may take a while and can be very overwhelming for some. Make sure you listen before you speak. Take time to learn the office culture and do your best to blend in. You can experience information overload but keep going and ask questions if you are lost. That way you are also not making any mistakes that could have been avoided by asking a perhaps simple question.

Ask your manager what she would like you to focus on if there are any painful areas in the company where she thinks you might be able to add a pair of fresh eyes and value. Be proactive and make sure to ask questions mindfully, so you are not stepping on anybody’s toes.


 3. Find A Mentor

If you plan to go into senior leadership, you must find a mentor from day one. It can be someone in your company; you can ask your boss for a mentor that she sees fit for you. You can also look for someone in your professional network that has a leadership role already, someone who you would love to learn from.

Find and take a little leadership course online. A class that adds value and are in alignment with the company’s values and your own. A short course will give you a taste of leadership, and you will see if it is an area for you to develop further in.


 4. Add Value

 You have to add value, stay flexible and be highly adaptable. If you have taken the last of some stationary, make sure it is being added to the list of items to purchase. You don’t want to forget as the next person needing it, could be your manager.

Staying flexible is vital when starting a new job. You are full of energy and excitement; you have to show that you are willing to offer your help and that you are adaptable. No task is too little for you.

If you promised your manager something and it is turning out to be more difficult than you thought. Ask for her guidance, not only does it show that you are willing to learn but also builds trust as you are not afraid to admit when you are in over your head. Always follow up with your manager on your progress as that will also make her trust and respect you more.

If you discover after a few weeks on the job that you need to learn some new skills, make sure to let your manager know, show her a solution and hopefully she will agree with you. Being the new person in a company can be daunting since you have to prove your worth and that the company made the right decision by hiring you. The best you can do is to focus on one or two projects where you achieved the results needed. Once you have done that, you can start being more confident in your role.

Lastly, visualize your new job and how you will work there on a day to day basis. If you can see a mental picture of yourself in the new office, you will feel and be ready for your new challenge. Visualizing is an excellent tool for you to use as you grow in your role and wait to land your next promotion, visualize your following steps so you can manifest what you want.

How did you succeed at your new job? Comment Below!

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