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12 Habits of All Happy Women

Posted on 1 4 m read
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Featured Image: Stephanie H.
Article By: entre_dois

Good days and bad days come and go—but it is essential to cultivate a balance and long-term happiness that comes from small things and activities. All happy women share the same habits, and the sooner you start to follow these tips, the happier you will feel.

1. They Practice Self-Care

It is easy to fall into procrastination and put off an appointment with your dentist or beautician because you are too busy, but self-care is crucial to wellbeing. Taking care of your body means loving yourself as a person—it goes way beyond aesthetics. There are plenty of ways to practice self-care, so many that we put together 70 simple ways to practice self-care right now (for free).

2. They Have a Routine

Establishing a daily routine is key to finding balance in your life because it reminds you to create space for the things you love. If you do not have a routine yet, find a moment to write down the things that you would like to accomplish in a day and go from there. Try not to be too ambitious, but find the time to do activities that give you positive energy, like five minutes of meditation.

3. They Are Open Minded 

A happy woman is always open to life and to what it can offer. It is important to have values and principles, but it also crucial to stay open to change your mind and discover new things because openness and curiosity allow you to grow and evolve. Try to look at the world from a different perspective, or simply find a new hobby.

12 Habits of All Happy Women

Source: People Love Love

4. They Keep Smiling

A simple smile can change the day of the person you meet. When you walk around, remember that everyone is fighting a battle, big or small—you cannot help everybody, but you can smile to show compassion and support. If you start the day smiling, the world will laugh back—positive energy attracts positive energy.

5. They Are Kind

A random act of kindness can mean a lot for the person that receives it, and there are so many things you can do on a daily basis to show compassion to the people you love—and also strangers. You can call a friend that you haven’t spoken to in a long time; you can bake some cookies and give them to your neighbors—and you can volunteer at a homeless center.

6. They Express Gratitude

We often think about what we do not have, instead of being thankful for the things we have and for the love we receive from the people who surround us. Gratitude has the power to reframe the difficult times and show us that we are lucky despite the challenges we face. It is a great habit to remember what you have before going to sleep, from simple things like a warm bed to the people who love you.

12 Habits of All Happy Women

Source: Urban Outfitters

7. They Have A Regular Exercise Routine

Moving your body is essential for your physical health because it keeps you in shape and it strengthens your muscles—but it also essential for your emotional health because it releases stress and brings back the focus to the present. After exercising, you will feel a rush of energy that will be beneficial to the rest of your daily activities.

8. They Have Passion

When we get tired and busy, it is easy to forget the motivation behind our actions. In those moments, it is essential to remember why we chose our life path and what our goals are. If you do not like your job, and you feel stuck, never forget your true passions and find time for them. Hard work is not enough to succeed in life—passion is a crucial element to reach your goals.

9. They Spend Time Alone

A happy woman understands that she needs time alone to get to know herself and her true desires. It is crucial to spend time with yourself especially when you have to take important decisions—and also after a breakup, to be able to look at things from a distance and decide what you want and what you do not want in future relationships.

12 Habits of All Happy Women

Source: Carla Coulson

10. They Are Positive

Life is complicated, and it is hard sometimes to stay positive during challenging times. The best weapons against negative thoughts are gratitude, exercise, and focusing on the present. The first activity reminds you of the good things you have, the second releases accumulated stress, and the third one is a state of mind that you learn to cultivate through meditation.

11. They Have Accountability

A happy woman feels responsible for her actions and never blames others for her own mistakes. The key here is taking steps based on what you want, and not based on other people’s opinions. If you take complete charge of your actions, you are more likely to feel responsible for them and learn from your mistakes.

12. They Accept Their Flaws

Perfection does not exist, and pursuing it means wasting your energy. Happiness is also about accepting your flaws, physical and behavioral. This does not mean that you do not want to work to change parts of your personality and grow—it means that you can accept what you cannot change and highlight your strengths.

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1 Comment
  • Stacy Karyn
    March 11, 2018

    I absolutely love this list! I personally struggle with the routine thing, but I’m definitely working on it! 🙂

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