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10 Places to Sell Your Clothing for Cash

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Featured Image: Happilygrey
Article By: April Driver

In this era of low-quality, fast fashion, it is easy to treat clothing as disposable. However, there is an alternative. Now, selling your clothing for cash is easier than ever. You can spend more money on better produced, higher-quality pieces if you know that you will be able to resell them.

Using your spending capital to promote better production practices and reuse what is already available is better for the environment and humanity. Instead of throwing out or donating your good quality pieces, make extra cash by reselling them. Then you will be able to afford even more of the clothes you love. Here are 10 Places to Sell Your Clothing for Cash:

1. ThredUP

ThredUP is one of the largest online clothing resell sites. To get started, request a Clean Out Kit. ThredUP mails a bag for you to fill up with flawless used clothing and send back to them. They accept over 35,000 brands. ThredUP does all the work for you. If your clothing does not qualify, they will responsibly recycle. With ThredUP you get paid by ThredUP for your items. You may make less with this site than others, but selling is super easy.

2. Material World

Material World works similarly to ThredUP for selling used clothing but with only higher-end brands. This service also offers a service similar to Stitch Fix where you can subscribe to a monthly styling box service. For selling clothing, you may request a free trade-in kit. You mail in your clothing items that meet the acceptable brand and quality standards. Material World then sends you an offer for the items you sent in. If you accept the offer, you are paid upfront. This service is excellent if you have high-end clothing to sell.

3. Poshmark

Poshmark works differently than ThredUP Or Material World. To sell clothing on Poshmark, you must download their app. You, as the seller, are responsible for taking and posting photos of your items. Poshmark does not pay you upfront for your clothing. They have a commission for each item sold. For items under $15, they have a flat commission of $2.95 per item. For items over $15, they take 20%.  Poshmark is a great place to sell your clothing if you want to earn a higher percentage per piece.

4. Swap

Swap promotes the online thrift store image. They sell clothing for the entire family and even have a section for used toys. The Swap commission model feels more complicated, but they accept more items than some of the other sites. Like with ThredUP, you box and send your items to them for processing. Unlike ThredUP, sellers are not paid until your items sell. Sign up for free here.

5. Grailed

Grailed is a community marketplace for men’s clothing. If you have a fashionable guy in your life, Grailed may be an excellent option for you. The great thing about this option is the four tiers available based on the type of clothing. This feature makes Grailed is an excellent resource for all levels of men’s clothing. Grailed is the high-quality option. Hype is for streetwear brands like Air Jordan. Sartorial is for high-end classic men’s clothing. And, Core is for mass market brands.

6. Tradesy

Tradesy is your best tool for high-end, designer fashion. With Tradesy, you take photos and list your items. You also determine the price for your items. Tradesy provides the platform for you to sell and offers you a free shipping kit for each item sold. Their commission is a flat fee of $7.50 for items under $50 and a rate of 19.8% for items $50 or more. Another great benefit, Tradsey handles all returns on your behalf.

7. Mercari

Mercari is an app where you can buy and sell new or used items including clothing. It is free to list your item with Mercari, but they do take 10% when the item sells. Mercari works like eBay. However, Mercari does hold the payment until the buyer receives the item and confirms it is what they ordered. This app is a good option if you have more than clothing to sell or if you want full control over pricing and shipping.

8. eBay

Is eBay old school? Maybe, but with over 167 million users, the marketplace for eBay is enormous. If you are unsure of newer apps like Mercari, eBay is an excellent option for buying and selling. Another bonus is that you do not have to worry about quality or brand. You can list items on eBay regardless of their condition.

9. Etsy

Etsy is a great place to sell your clothing online. If you want an online store to sell your customized, handmade or vintage pieces, Etsy is a great option. Also, Etsy’s transaction fee is only 3.5% along with a $.20 listing fee and payment processing fee. However, Etsy is not a reseller and does have rules about what can be sold. Etsy is only an option if you are selling clothing you have made, customized or your items are vintage (meaning over 20 years old).

10. Facebook Buy and Sale Groups

Facebook offers Buy and Sale Groups for local communities that work as an online garage sale. This option is perfect for your non-designer items. You join your local group and list whatever items you want to sell at whatever price you choose. The great thing about the Facebook groups is you can accept cash. The downside is you must either deliver the item, allow the buyer to pick it up at your house or meet at a public place. The Facebook groups do not charge any commission.

The online marketplace offers many different options for selling your clothes for cash. You are no longer

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