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7 Outfit Combinations Every Woman Can Confidently Rock

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Featured Image: Dress up Buttercup
Article By: Juhita Gupta

Women often complain that they love an outfit, but it just would not look good on them. Unfortunately, most of us are not blessed with supermodel type figures, it’s true. Sometimes we limit ourselves to a few tried, and tested options that we know are sure shot hits.

Let’s change that in 2018. Here are seven outfit combinations that every woman, no matter your body type, can rock.

Maxi Dress + Heels 

7 Outfit Combinations Every Woman Can Confidently Rock

Source: Viva Luxury

Can I just say that I love maxi dresses? They are just so comfortable and all-purpose. You can wear them in any season and for any occasion. They are also perfect for hiding our flaws without looking like they are doing so. Maxi dresses also come in a range of styles. Fit and flare, A-line, mermaid dresses, kimono styles, so there’s no shortage of variety. Pair them with heels or flat shoes and a small sling bag, and you are good to go.

Jeans + Top with Statement Sleeves

7 Outfit Combinations Every Woman Can Confidently Rock

Source: Samantha H

Statement sleeves are all the rage this season, and they can be paired with the most basic of denim to create standout looks. There is also a whole range of varieties available like the flared bell-shapes (my personal favorite), balloon shapes, ruffles or even tiered sleeves. The great thing with statement sleeve tops is that they work with all sorts of materials (from cotton to georgette and chiffon) and silhouettes (form-fitting, slightly loose to over-sized). Wear them to work, for Sunday brunch and even to go dancing with your girlfriends. They will not let you down.

Knee-length skirt (Midi Skirt) + Casual Top

Want to look effortlessly chic? Pair a knee-length skirt with a casual top. This outfit requires minimal effort because both pieces are familiar wardrobe staples. You can choose any silhouette for the skirt that works for your body type. My personal favorite is the A-line skirt because it works with most body types. Circle skirts are another good option because they are so comfortable and have a beautiful fall. Pair a black, grey or navy blue skirt and add a pop of color with the casual top to add some vibrancy to the outfit.

Circle Skirt + Peasant Top

7 Outfit Combinations Every Woman Can Confidently Rock

Source: Sincerely Julues

This outfit combination is almost a classic because this trend returns every spring and it looks gorgeous as ever. Choose loose-fitting peasant tops because they have the magical quality of showing and hiding the body-shape at the same time. 

Pair a soft pastel colored skirt in floral prints with a white or cream peasant top, and you will be Instagram ready in minutes.

Statement Skirt + Formal Shirt

I take my formals very seriously because they are all about creating a good impression. Wherever you are on the career ladder, getting formalwear right gives you the confidence boost that we all need sometimes. The good news: they are so easy to get right. Pair an A-line skirt with a loose-fitting formal shirt, and you are good to go.

Trousers + Formal Shirt

One of the most popular options for formals is, of course, pants and shirt. There’s something so hassle-free about this combination, and they are readily available in a wide range of sizes.

Jeans + T-Shirt

When in doubt, go for the basics. Denim jeans are classics and have thrived over the decades because of their versatility. From basic blue washes to distressed denim and floral detailing, jeans have adapted their looks over time and always stayed relevant in the most fashionable circles. Pair it with a simple loosely fitted tee, and you are good to go.

 What are your favorite go-to outfit combinations? 

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