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7 Things Every Practical Kitchen Needs

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Featured Image: Crate &Barel
Article By:  Brandi Marcene

Your kitchen is essentially your workshop, your studio, and your creative palace. You spend hours in the fiery den and create edible works of art. Each piece unique and special.  But all studios need equipment and tools, without which it would be tough to create anything. A kitchen is like that as well, so if you are moving into a new apartment or just doing inventory on your current one, we have listed below seven things that any functional kitchen requires:

1. Containers and Jars

7 Things Every Practical Kitchen Needs

Source: My Name is Yeh

These are one of the fundamental elements that any kitchen needs. You will bring a lot of dry and not so dry stuff that would be packaged. But that packaging has to open, and your material is exposed to open air, which makes them go bad faster, lose flavor and even develop insects. Therefore, make sure you have lots of airtight jars and containers for all your spices and even for left-over food.

2. Pots and Pans

7 Things Every Practical Kitchen Needs

Source: Well Plated

You probably saw this coming, and are saying obviously by now, but a lot of people forget to do their research on all the different pots and pans they would need. You need non-stick pans, a perfect pan for stir-frying, a grill pan, a baking dish and few different sized saucepans. Once again look at your family and what you might need, select the size and number of your pots and pans based on your needs.

3. Food Processor

7 Things Every Practical Kitchen Needs

Source: Pinch of Yum

This versatile appliance can help you make numerous dishes. It can become tough to manage without this gizmo. Be it cooking and backing it has your back. Do your research and look for one that is durable and has a good warranty.

4. Knives

7 Things Every Practical Kitchen Needs

Source: Williams-Sonoma

Once again, obviously. But you need to know there are many kinds of knives and some are more durable than others. Choose the expensive ones if you have to because this way you can save some money in the long run. Make sure you have a good knife sharpener as well so that your chopping does not have to suffer from the ill fate of a blunt blade.

5. Cutting Board

7 Things Every Practical Kitchen Needs

Source: Ashley Muir Bruhn

It is vital that you get a big fat cutting board for your kitchen. Most of the things you cut will need it. It is better than the plastic one because they break quickly and after a while, they get dark and filthy. Get one good one that works well for a long time.

6. Colander

7 Things Every Practical Kitchen Needs

Source: SoHo

This item is another vital addition your kitchen essentials. These are great for draining large pasta batches and even rice for some recipes.

7. Measuring Cups

7 Things Every Practical Kitchen Needs

Source: Indulgy

Every kitchen needs these. They are great for sauces and especially for baking. It can be tough to get things consistent without them, especially when you are trying a new recipe.

It is said that if you want to judge the upkeep of a house look at their kitchens and their bathrooms. The way a person maintains and uses their kitchen reveals a lot about their habits and even traditions. To make sure your kitchen doesn’t fall behind make sure you have your essential and all your things are up and running.

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