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5 Things Successful Women Do Each Monday

Featured Image:@beyondyoga
Article By: Charlotte (Silhouette Creatives)

Mondays, some love them, and others hate them, but as a starting point for the week, every successful woman makes the most of them. It can be intimidating staring down the barrel of a week of work and goals that you have lined up with no idea how to accomplish them, but you should use Mondays for preparation first and foremost. Trust me; it will set you up for the whole week! Here are the five key things successful women do to make the most of a Monday.

1. Set Clear Intentions

Have you ever been so overwhelmed by what you have to do you procrastinate and stagnate, therefore killing your productivity? Been there, for me, I know what I want long term, but I struggle to find the steps short-term that will get me towards my goal. So, every Monday I create an extensive to-do list.

You should set out what has to get done, e.g., any deadlines or essential dates that can’t be missed and immediate work relating to this. Then you have the job that you would like to finish this week which is what you will pick up after a high-priority task. Lastly, add on two or three items that help you long term, whether it’s that article you’ve been meaning to read or starting the course that will help set up your business. Spend your Mondays short and long-term planning so that you have clear intentions of how you can kill it this week.

2. Exercise

I know many will roll their eyes at this one, however, as someone who gets up early and spends most of the working day at a desk, you need it. Not physically, but mentally. Exercise refreshes the brain and in many cases, can give you a mental break you need to come back to a problem refreshed and better able to deal with it. If you can fit exercise in on a Monday, when you are usually the most overwhelmed and feeling like you have too much work, you’ll have no excuses making time for it later in the week.

The best thing to do is choose a club, social activity or an accountability partner for the gym who you cannot let down, even when life is getting in the way.

3. Define What You Need

It’s all good and well deciding on tasks to achieve but do you have the resources to get there? Not just when it comes to the physical but the mental skillset as well. For many entrepreneurs, it is essential to wear multiple hats and learn new skills as you go but this means you could be forgetting something during the planning phases. If one of your goals is to start your own business, you’ll need necessary accounting software, an understanding of legal documents from contracts and agreements to terms and conditions, web design ideas or skills if you are working with a budget.

Break down your goals for the week and make sure that when you jump onto each task, the resources and skills are there to help you get it done. If you are missing some, add this to your core list of long-term elements to work on. Keep asking yourself; what do I need to get this done and get to where I want to be?

4. Seek Motivation

The Monday motivation hashtag is there for a reason because coming off of a weekend can be an awful shock to the system, mainly if you have managed to fit in some relaxation time. Often, our work and successes can be motivation enough but let’s be honest; sometimes it just doesn’t cut it!  With this in mind, find like-minded individuals who are striving for success and have your back; whether this is Facebook or LinkedIn groups, hashtags in Instagram or Twitter or someone in your life who will keep pushing you forward! Successful women didn’t get to where they are by having great days all the time. So it is important to motivate yourself through the difficult days, and you will already be ahead of those who fail at this hurdle.

5. Take Action

5 Things Successful Women Do Each Monday

Source: unbox girl

Now, after all the Monday theory, it’s time to put everything on your calendar and shape your week so that you can put it into action it. It’s all good and well making a to-do list and thinking about long-term plans, but if you aren’t going to do it, you’ve made it redundant. Examine your calendar and see if you can find time to fit everything on your to-do list, this means breaking it down hourly if you have to but find a way to allocate time. I am not going to pretend that things sometimes don’t get in the way, but if you can fit it (realistically) on the calendar, then you can push yourself to get it all done. We all love ending the week on a high when the tasks are done!

It may feel like spending all this time planning detracts from productivity, but in fact, it keeps you focused and avoids mid-week (or day) procrastination, so you’re just using the time you’ve saved. You will find you will become more efficient at outlining, managing your calendar and knowing what you want (all traits of successful women) but at the very least, doing this will make sure Mondays don’t feel quite so overwhelming.

Charlotte is a young entrepreneur and small business owner at Silhouette Creatives who, having started her own content writing business, is loving the success and challenges that come with it. When she’s not tackling Mondays, she is hanging out with her husband, two kids, and four (yes four) cats.

What are your favorite Monday rituals? Share Below!



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  • Rawlings
    January 29, 2018

    If these steps are followed as daily routine will yield great result and goals for the year will surely be achieved. Thanks for sharing this post.

  • Jess
    January 29, 2018

    Definitely some good ideas! It can be so hard to jump back into weekday life after the weekend! Exercising has been so helpful in getting my mind clear! Glad it made the list and I highly recommend it to get going! ❤️

  • Nychelle
    February 25, 2018

    Mondays are truly the hardest days of the week. This is a good post to help get through Mondays! Thanks for sharing.

  • Ornella Green
    September 15, 2018

    Mondays are sometimes the most trying days of the week. They represent fresh starts but they also represent an end to the weekend. This post is a really great one to help set the framework to make Mondays be not only more productive but also maybe just make us a little bit more excited for the day. Amazing post! Thansk much!

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