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7 Confirmed Tips For Eating Healthy on A Budget

Posted on 1 4 m read

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Article By: Jonnie Davis

When I decided to embark on a healthier lifestyle and diet, I was surprised by how expensive healthier options could be. When you are on a budget, every dollar counts. The good news is Healthy eating does not have to be costly! Below are tips and tricks to use if you are trying to eat healthy while on a budget.

1. Weekly meal plans + Grocery Apps

Before you go on your weekly trip to the grocery store, it is a great idea to make a grocery list and stick to it. This way you do not overspend, and you don’t buy more then you need. When you make a grocery list and plan out your meals, you will only need to visit the market twice a week maybe even less.

On Sunday before the week try to plan out what you want to eat in the coming week. This plan doesn’t have to be a super exact, but knowing what you plan to make for the week will make life more comfortable, and you will be less likely to indulge. Before I head off to the grocery store, I like to use the Flipp app to find out if any deals or mark-downs are going on at my local grocery store. If there are any good deals, it helps me to plan my weekly meals, because I will schedule them around whatever is on sale. Many grocery stores have a“sale section,” and it can be scary because produce is discounted as they approach their expiration date. If you freeze the food, it should last you the next couple of days.

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2. Clean Out Your Fridge Often + Purchase Tupperware

Keep your fridge and freezer clean and organized, so you are not wasting food. By doing this, you will always know what you have at home before you shop. Another way to stay organized is to buy sturdy Tupperware and other pantry containers. This Rubbermaid Easy Find Lid 42-Piece Food Storage Container Set from Amazon is a perfect start to a tupperware collection the best part; it is incredibly affordable! You can purchase it here. I also love using mason jars because they are super affordable and portable.

3. Stock Up On Frozen Vegetables and Fruits

When eating healthy on a budget, you should always have frozen fruits and veggies on hand. Frozen fruits and vegetables can be used in smoothies, meals, and eaten alone as a snack. Buying frozen fruit instead of fresh is a lot cheaper. Frozen fruit is a lot of times much fresher, and retains more vitamins. You don’t have to worry about frozen fruit going bad, and on the last week, you can throw it in a fruit smoothie.

4. Don’t Toss Out Your Leftovers

Don’t toss away your leftovers save them to eat the next night or make something new with them. Make sure you are using proper storage containers to make leftovers last a couple of nights.


5. Buy Spices in Bulk

Buying in bulk can save you tons of money; you can buy as little or as much as you will need. They are cheaper per ounce, and you can buy just what you’ll use in the next few weeks. It will save you trips to the grocery store, and you help the environment along the way.

6. Replace Meat with Beans

Beans can be made into delicious meals, and they are an excellent source of protein. Meat is expensive and can be very unhealthy depending on how you cook it. Instead of meat opt for some beans. There are plenty of beans you can choose from including Garbanzo beans, chickpeas, black, navy, pinto, lima, and lentils.

7. Drink Water

Whether it is infused water or plain, it is imperative to drink water every day and often. The significant benefits of drinking water are apparent, but it will also save you tons of money because of how inexpensive water can be compared to other beverages such as soda or juice. Purshase a high quality reuseuable water bottle, to take with you and drink along you day.


What are your best tips for eating healthy on a budget? Comment Below


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    September 10, 2018

    I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post…

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