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10 Things Every Bride Should Do When Planning Her Wedding

Featured Image: @munaluchibride
Article By: Katie Cere

When you’re planning a wedding, it always seems like a very stressful time which it can be for some, but it shouldn’t be because it’s a beautiful time when two people decide to come together as one. So with these tips, you’ll be able to plan out your wedding with ease.

1. Start With The Basics 

If you don’t know where to start which is a widespread concern, then think of the basics. You don’t want to jump into the big stuff right away because that will only overwhelm you. So start small, think about the season you’d like to have it in. That will make it easier to determine your color theme. 

For summer do you want yellows and greens? Purple and pink? For winter would you like blues and silvers? Or reds and whites? It all depends on your taste so decide what you’d like for colors, and you should start to see it coming together. 

2. Budget

Weddings can be pretty pricey because there are significant businesses out there who make quite a considerable revenue from weddings. When thinking about your budget, stay within reason because you don’t want to go overboard and spend more than you can afford. Envision what looks reasonable to you and go from there. If you’re looking to have a significant 200-300 guests in a ballroom wedding, you’re looking at something between $10-25,000 and up including everything. 

Whereas if you’re having a small intimate wedding, it should cost between $10-15,000. There is a specific role that all of your vendors play in your wedding, and they all need to be compensated. It is possible to do weddings with a budget smaller than that, but it is very tight and a little tricky. 

Do the math with your monthly income and take into account your monthly bills, mortgage, and other essentials and see how much you have left after all that is spent. That’s what you’d have for the month. If you have a lot of time before your wedding, then you will have time to put money aside for your big day. It would help too if you cut down on some of your spendings that you both don’t necessarily need like late night drive-thru food. 

3. Party Theme 

The theme of the wedding is one of the most exciting things to plan because it is just so magical seeing your vision come to life on your big day. 

Let’s say you’re going with a winter theme. Therefore you’d have snowflakes and faux icicles while the room would be white, silver and even blue. The place would look like a magical winter wonderland after all the decor is done. I see a lot of people now going with the rustic look, which in my opinion is stunning. The look of the woods and the lantern lights create such a warm, inviting feeling for everyone involved. It sets the tone for romance. 

If you’d like more of a traditional or modern theme, I’d say go with the white chair and table covers, conventional flowers of choice for centerpieces and the entire room, also to give it that modern look you will need some bling! 

4. The Dress

Now that you’ve got some of the basics covered, it’s time to think about the dress! The dress is essential because like at any wedding, the dress is the center of attention like the bride of course. Everyone is looking at the gorgeous gown you chose or that beautiful mermaid dress. Think about what kind of style that will make you feel most comfortable. Do you want sexy? Or do you want to be covered up? If you wish to be sexy, my advice is to go with a gown that has a split on the side to show off your legs and the sweetheart neckline on the top. 

If you prefer to be covered up, one of the most stunning styles of dresses is with lace arms. It is beautiful and breathtaking. Having lace on your dress still gives it that elegant look of contemporary mixed with sexy. Remember to think about something that you’d be comfortable wearing all night too because you don’t want to be worrying the whole night about how much you want to get that dress off and you miss having a good time! Wedding dresses can often be expensive, but they don’t always have to be. 


Source: The Wild Romantic

5. The Food 

A lot of venues provide food for your guests that charge a flat fee per person and they often have either open bar or a pay bar. Whichever option is still great. It’s much easier to find a place that will provide the food for you. If you’d rather, you can always hire a catering service to come and serve you and your guests. Take a look at a few local companies and see what kinds of food they offer and pick whichever one you think everyone will enjoy. There are many options you can choose.

6. The Cake 

Thinking about what cake you want is so exciting and delicious because you get to do some yummy taste testing. If you’re having a lot of guests at your wedding, then a 3 tier cake would be a good idea. If you’re having fewer people, a 2 tier is just fine. There are a lot of details that go into a cake and a lot of different flavors and colors. Go to your local bakery and see if they can make wedding cakes. A lot of them have a lookbook of cakes they have made before so they can give you an idea of what you’d like regarding shape, size, and color. If you aren’t sure of the design and the frosting, that’s what they are there for, to help you decide. 

If cakes aren’t your thing, you can always go with cupcakes! They are such a cute addition to the wedding and make great decor. If you like DIY’s, it’s very easy to DIY your cupcake stand. The best part about having cupcakes is it’s straightforward to serve because the guests help themselves and it’s very inexpensive, unlike the 3 tier cakes. Your local bakery also most likely has this option. If you want quality goods, try finding either a 4 or 5-star bakery because you wish you and your guests to enjoy their treats, that’s what it’s all about!

7. Location 

One of the hardest things about planning your wedding is finding a venue because the site has to be perfect. You want to find something that not only suits your needs but suits your guests because you want them to be comfortable and to have fun. 

An important question you need to ask your Venue manager is if they allow you to have your ceremony at the venue (they may also provide an officiant if available) or if they only offer a reception space. In that case, you will need to find a place to have your ceremony with your chosen officiant or a provided one and go over to your reception of choice with your guests afterward.

There are many different location ideas available for example outdoor weddings by the water or by the garden. Do you want an indoor wedding at a venue or a hotel? Even clubs and barns. When choosing a venue, it all has to do with your personality. Sit down and make a list of some of the things you like and determine which one best suits your personality.

You also want to think about the time of year you’re having your wedding along with the day. Summer and spring are trendy for weddings. So a lot of venues would be booked up for the next few months so you need to make sure once you pick one that you love you book it as soon as you can! As for the day, Saturday’s and Sundays are wedding days; everyone wants to get married on a Saturday. It is the busiest day for wedding businesses. To make it easier to book your location try to consider doing it on a Friday, or at least reserve it very early to make sure you get a spot on the day you chose.


Source: Magnolia Adams Photography from Ruffled

8. Legal Obligations 

Let’s get into the legal stuff! When planning a wedding, you need to know if it’s going to be a civil wedding or a religious wedding. It all has to do with the beliefs you and your fiancé follow. If you’re doing a religious wedding, most people have it in a church which a lot of the time provide an officiant, but if not you can find your officiant or priest online, that will be happy to marry you and your fiancé. The cost of officiants or priests is usually meager. Sometimes they only ask for a small donation, or they charge a flat fee, it depends on the person you choose. 

To be able to get married you will need to apply for a marriage license otherwise you will not be allowed to do so. Go to your local government officials and tell them you’d like to apply for a marriage license. 

9. Your Vendors 

Like I said before, your vendors play an essential part in your big day. There are some questions you need to ask yourself. Are you going to hire a catering service? Are you going to have a band or a DJ? Do you want a photographer who also creates videos? Are you going to have any particular acts or performances? These are things you need to take into account when planning your wedding because these are the people who help make it unique.

If it’s within budget, you would be able to have the more pricey people like videographers and DJ’s. But if not then you can stick with the classic band and photographer. A lot of the time you can find students at a college who are still studying in their course who would love to have a job on the side taking pictures for you. Since they aren’t professionals yet, they wouldn’t charge too much. The same goes for DJ’s and bands. It’s great when you have connections with vendors because that way you can get some significant money saving deals. 

The catering services can sometimes be expensive. That’s if you decide to get top-notch meals like a 5-course dinner with lobster and steaks. But if you’re not into that style, then chicken and healthy greens with soups and salads are a good option because most people will enjoy that. 

10. Last but Not Least, The Honeymoon! 

This part is one of the best when planning your wedding. You get to decide where in the world you’d like to go and relax with your husband/ wife for the next week or two. And who doesn’t love travel? Seeing another part of the world that you haven’t seen before is an utterly surreal experience. The fact that you get to do it with the love of your life, the experience that will last a lifetime. Again this is all about location because you want to make sure that wherever you are going is a safe and clean place. You don’t want to run into any trouble on your honeymoon.

I suggest figuring out which resort and country you’d like to go to early on in case you change your mind. Once you’re sure, book your hotel and flights at least three months in advance. This strategy will ensure you have everything prepared beforehand.

There are so many islands and resorts to choose from, but one of the best places to go is Hawaii! A lot of couples prefer Hawaii. Hawaii is a beautiful and loving place with a culture so different and amazing it will make you want to stay forever. Still lost for ideas? Check out some of our honeymoon post below for some inspiration:

You also have to think about your budget for the wedding because it can also include the honeymoon. If you’re looking to find deals for flights and hotels, there and many different companies that offer them especially the time of year you pick. Winter and summer are most expensive, as are weekends instead of weekdays. So choose whichever makes you both happiest. So that concludes our weddings tips, I hope this proves to be helpful to you readers and happy planning!


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