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6 Hacks to Saving Hundreds on Your Next Flight

Featured Image: Jessica Stien
Article By: Editor 

As much as I love traveling to new, and exciting places booking flights for travel can be expensive. Using the tips below you can cut down the price, stay in your budget, and have extra cash for fun activities when you get to your destination.

1. Think Ahead

When booking a flight, it is important that you think ahead of time and not rush to buy a ticket or plan a vacation. You want to think about the days you will book on in order to save some money. The cheapest days of the week to book on are Wednesday and Tuesday. If you really want to save some money book your flight on a Tuesday at three in the afternoon Eastern Time and six weeks out. Monday and Friday are usually booked with business-related trips so the prices will go up so you want to avoid them at all cost.

If you are patient and you buy a ticket months ahead of time. You are more likely to get a cheaper price, being airlines will charge you more if you attempt to buy a ticket last minute.

2. Sign Up for Airlines Email List

When you sign up for airlines email list, and follow them on their social sites, you get access to the best deals and exclusives. You will get to see upcoming major deals, and you may be able to find great airfare for a place you want to visit in the future. So if you’re planning a vacation or visiting a family sign up and they’ll let you know if the ticket prices has dropped, and when you can find a better deal.  

3. Clear Your Cookies

When you are searching on different airline websites they will track what you have been searching and browsing through. This is why you will see ads for certain airlines along your screen, you were previously searching. Airlines can look through your cookies, and they will charge you a higher price for a ticket because they see there is a demand there.  In order to get around this you can either clear your cookies or use Google Chrome’s Incognito Window to search for tickets and avoid raised prices.

4. Fly Cheap

Most popular airlines are extremely pricey, and have crazy added on fee’s. To avoid this, it is best to fly cheap. Airlines such as Spirit, South West, and RyanAir have prices that are budget friendly. Companies with cheaper flights make it easier to fly to different states or countries. Although these companies have cheaper options, you may have to spend a little extra on fees. If you are not too picky about where you sit, and you pack some extra snacks you can manage to avoid paying such fees.

5. Consider Stops + Layovers

Who says layovers are all bad? They may be tedious and boring, but you can save loads of money when you find a flight with layovers. If your layover is long enough you can even get a chance to walk around the city you are stopped in. No one wants to add an extra stop to their already lengthy flight. Although Certain countries have cheaper flights going through them, so you are almost guaranteed to find a cheaper ticket when you add on another leg to your journey. You can save several hundred dollars; this works especially well if you are traveling out of the country.

6. Flight Aggregator + Check The Airline Websites

Kayak, Skyscanner, and Expedia are all websites that will allow you to compare prices, and find the cheapest flight. is my favorite, because they have a little twist. lets you find the cheapest months of the year that are best to book. Once you have found the cheapest month, it will then show you the cheapest days of that month to fly once you’ve settled on the airports you want to fly out and into.  It is an amazing website to get the best flight prices.

While websites like Skyscanner and Kayak can help you to easily compare different prices. It is also important to check the airlines’ actual websites. The actual website will have more information on baggage fees, and add-ons. If you need a specific accommodation it is going to be on the actual website and it’s going to be better to book a direct flight.

How do you find cheap flights?


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